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What Is a Medigap Policy?

Original medicare is essentially an 80/20 medical insurance plan. Medicare pays 80% and you pay 20%. Medicare supplements (medigap policy) pay up to 100% of the 20%. They are designed to allow the insured to go to any doctor anywhere in the United States and the only requirement is that the provider accepts medicare assignment and they take you as a client. Some medicare supplements also provide coverage while out of the United States.

Is a Medigap Policy Similar to Medicare Advantage?

No, medicare supplements work with original medicare to cover the costs that are not paid for by original medicare. Medicare advantage plans are replacement plans that provide your medicare coverage through private insurance companies and many plans to use network providers for services.

Why Do Seniors Choose Medicare Supplement Plans?

Seniors frequently decide to enroll in Medicare Supplements because it gives them the ability to select their doctors and hospitals without referrals. They also get coverage throughout the United States.
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